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California Dreaming Part III: L.A

Sultana Patail

We drove into L.A under the biggest, brightest moon I'd ever seen. (I don't have a picture to prove it, you'll just have to take my word for it - it was big)

If I'm being honest, L.A was a mixed bag for me. Views, nature, and weather were gorgeous. Our mornings were greeted by hummingbirds outside our window and mountainous landscape high enough to make our ears pop. On the other hand, traffic and commuting around were less than ideal. But we only got caught in the latter because we were newbie tourists. If you live there, you learn to get around it. 

Our adventure includes: Venice Beach, The Canal's Walkway, Griffith Observatory, and Hollywood Blvd.


Venice Canal Walkway


Venice Beach


Griffith Observatory


Hollywood Blvd.


And that folks, concludes our California adventure! Hope you enjoyed the journey, and take a trip out to the West Coast yourself some day.