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An Open Letter to My Husband, On Father's Day


An Open Letter to My Husband, On Father's Day

Sultana Patail


Dear friend,

It seems not so long ago, we were blessed with our little one. Scared and uncertain, we fell into parenthood the only way we knew how - as partners. And although the journey has driven us in opposite directions at times, today I celebrate our differences. I celebrate you.


I fell into motherhood with greater ease than I ever imagined. But in the depths of my motherhood, I forgot certain things. I forgot about all the moments I had with him first. The months that I carried him, the mornings that we bonded, how our rhythms fell into sync with one and other. I forgot about these stepping stone moments that I had the advantage of experiencing first hand, that helped solidify our bond once he arrived. I forgot about these secret whispered moments that you weren't always privy to.

I realize now how much harder you've had to work at your relationship with him than I ever did. I've watched you struggle to do the daily tasks he fights you every step of the way on, that he comes to me for with ease. And it dawns on me how much I truly admire your strength and tenacity as a father.


That his affection trickles in much less than you deserve, yet you put his well being above your own ego, every single day, amazes me. That you've taken your life lessons and taught him strength, kindness, and patience, inspires me. And that as the more he grows into his own person, I can see all of your character traits in him, warms my heart.  


You often compliment me, but the truth is I wouldn't be half the mother I am without you as my partner. And I can already see, that he will grow into the greatest version of himself, thanks to your love and guidance. 



Father's like you, are likely to get labelled the 'babysitter' or 'playmate'. But today, and everyday, you need to know that you're so much more. And how much you're appreciated. 

Happy Father's Day.