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Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

The Mommy Files

Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

Sultana Patail

They said I'd fall in love with you, 

but I had no idea how true,

It could be,

to me,

you were a blessing, 

and now I am free,

to love,




We share these moments,

sometimes I wish I could just hold it,

and hone it,

place it in the palm of my hand,

save it,

for when I need to show you 

how our hearts once danced.


It makes me laugh through tears,

that you won't remember,

in future days and years,

but it's the love that you'll retain,

and that's the most important,

for we need that to remain.


But let me just tell you,

this one little story,

because a picture's worth a thousand words,

and this one might help you be...


Once upon a time, on October 19th, 2015, we took a picture together. I held you in my arms, as we sat on the stoop of the building of my first home. A place I've come back to time and time again, that's looked a little different at various stages in my life. Because my boy, things like that may happen from time to time. So don't let it scare you if you can't seem to find your place. It was a time of struggle for my parents, your grandparents, because I - like you - was an unforeseen blessing. And now that I'm in their shoes, as I raise you, I want to tell you to always remember your family. Love and respect them. Try to hold them close to your heart. They gave me their everything then, so that I can give you my everything now.