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Mother's Day, The First.

The Mommy Files

Mother's Day, The First.

Sultana Patail

Thank you.


Thank you for reminding me of the peacefulness that comes with early morning risings. 

Thank you for your midnight cries and developmental stages that have made me stronger than I ever thought I could be.


Thank you for your mischievous smiles when you do things you shouldn't, encouraging me to laugh at life.

Thank you for demonstrating your fierce persistence when you fall down, inspiring me to apply the same ambition to life.


Thank you for needing my complete undivided attention - weakening at first, but ultimately strengthening my marriage.  

Thank you for clinging onto my leg when I'm trying to cook or clean, telling me to slow down and love you, because you'll only be this way for a limited time.

Thank you for your sleepless nights, so that I have an excuse to cuddle you in my bed, and feel your warmth. 

Thank you for following me everywhere I go, letting me know that right now, I'm the most important thing in your world.


Thank you for coming at a time unexpected; for filling my heart till it runeth over, drip dropping into voids I didn't know existed. To be your mother has been a journey into myself, a test of endurance, but most of all, an honour. My baby boy, my little prince, thank you for letting me see the world through your eyes this past year, and having a reason to celebrate today, my first mother's day.