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Growing Pains

Sultana Patail

For days, weeks, months now, I've been watching my kid try to crawl. I never thought much of it before I was a parent. It just seemed like another milestone that babies inevitably pass. However, when you watch it day in, and day out, it is kind of a big deal. 

In these past days, weeks, and months, I've tried all the parenting tricks. Bought the crawl mat, placed the toys in front of him, got down on all fours with him, tried moving his arms and legs in succession. The most I got was a few amused, confused, and blank looks, as if to say "lady, why the hell are you trying to crawl?"

Finally I started leaving him alone. And sure enough, yesterday he reached his breaking point. He got to the point of such extreme frustration that he cried, screamed, and banged his fists down. I fought all urge to help him, and just observed instead. It worked. His frustration pushed him to finally crawl (shuffle crawl that is), and spew out a bunch of new baby words such as 'da-da'. I was in disbelief that these two things happened simultaneously - not because of extra help, or example - but just out of sheer frustration.

I couldn't help drawing the parallels to us as adults. Why do we struggle in school, careers, or relationships etc, despite guidance, advice, and positive influence? Why do we wait until we hit rock bottom to really get started? Why do we finally leave that 9-5 for our passion, only after long periods of unhappiness? Is it because we have to reach that point of sheer frustration before we're motivated? 

Maybe, for some of us. Observation of my 7 month old alone tells me that it's ingrained in our code. It's in our human nature to let frustration propel us into success. So, if you're struggling right now, don't worry. Your breakthrough might be after your next breakdown.